Applied WordPress Site Speed Optimization – Speed Up Your Site!

Applied WordPress Site Speed Optimization – Speed Up Your Site!

WordPress Website Optimization Tips – Improve Your Website Fast!

The optimized WordPress ensures that the WordPress site provides great content with less use. This will open your site in seconds. We will always check to see how fast WordPress site
works. Why is fast, one of the most important in SEO research, so important to us? We look at this in detail.

Why is internet speed important?

Internet technology, which makes people impatient and impatient The faster they grow, click on the fast site.

If we in Turkey turn to the Internet when we start publishing new editions in recent years, we want to go to the page we think the organization is almost a few minutes. With the advent of technology on the internet, even open websites that load very slowly in an average of 5 seconds.

However, this time is not enough. When people see your website in Search Engine Optimization and click on your website, they want the website to load when they click on your website, and you need to submit the content as soon as possible.

What is Google doing for Speed, an important SEO? download the speedometer tool, you can use it to quickly find your website on your mobile device and desktop.

Determine the data that your website needs to improve (Javascript, Css, HTML, png, jpeg, gif), and you can see how much can be saved by submitting the data text first.

AMP Technology

In addition, page speed tools can enhance some of your data and present it for free. This will help you increase the speed of your website. Getting a 4004
AMP (Accelerated Website) means your website is faster than your website. For mobile users, your site opens lightning fast, starts getting more traffic, speeds up, uses less resources.

Who should use AMP?

If you normally want to take advantage of AMP technology, URLs are very important.

If you use Google Analytics, you can see which tools are accessing your site. In general, if you have a site with mobile visitors, this is reason enough to create AMP.

For mobile devices and tablets, most browsing is currently probably the most visited device on your site. Chrome development tools and as an add-on. Thanks to this tool, this is the most detailed Google tool ever that shows you how many seconds your site loads, what resources you have managed and more.

Here you can check how long the desired location has been open and use this tool for competitor analysis.

This tool offers not only fast search but also compliance with SEO guidelines. This way it will help you to create free SEO options. Although there are different reasons for this, we understand two main reasons. Many software are supported, servers that are full of web servers can not function as a working server. 40A4 40A4 So you should know that if you find yourself in a traffic jam and it is still not available for VDS, you should avoid getting weird ads. , You need to switch to a dedicated server. What you need to check here is whether the connection is really enough for you. My choice is digital sea.

So if you are not sure that the program is up to date, your top priority is to upgrade your website and server.


  • Internet Speed Test Tool
  • Website Speed
  • Gtmetrix
  • Pingdom
  • Google Lighthouse Tools.

Based on these results, if you think your site is good, you can find a solution by switching to VDS.

It needs to be strengthened and run website in WordPress installation. The link can be quickly opened to a website that has less traffic due to traffic. It is different from large bus stations and would rather live and use smaller equipment.

What we should do Back to the question, it makes sense to divide them into categories 6.

  3. JS FREE
  4. Image Viewer
  5. Database Clean
  6. HTACCESS optimization
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