Learning WordPress Theme Name

Learning WordPress Theme Name

Learning the name of the WordPress theme

Hi guys, I will explain the methods I know to learn the name of a WordPress theme you like.

I’ll explain the methods I know of to find out the name of a WordPress theme you like. the first of these are WordPress theme name query sites. Another way to find the theme name is to use the Chrome plugin. The last method to find the theme name is to look at the source code.

Find a WordPress theme name

  1. Open a WordPress site.
  2. Right-click the site whose theme name you want to know and click the View Page Source button.
  3. Type wp-content / themes from the search section using the combinations CTRL + F.
  4. You can learn the theme name as in the image below.
  5. You can get detailed information about the theme name by clicking on the link called Style. css.
Finding a WordPress Theme Name
Finding a WordPress Theme Name

How to learn the name of the WordPress theme?

WordPress theme query sites

If you want to know the name of the WordPress theme used on a site, you can easily find the name of the theme with the name of the wordpress theme learning sites that I shared.Read on for the best WordPress theme search sites 🙂

What is WP theme?

I will start the list with the most used site, which WP theme is this site. Simple interface and what to do along with its design and powerful search capability makes a very professional job of finding wordpress theme name.

All you need to do is make sure the site you are browsing is WordPress then type the site address into the search box and search

Also even if the site finds a theme that is not suitable for general use or purchase (theme private), it will notify you. “They clearly call it a non-standard theme.”

One of the best things about the site is that it can detect the plugins used. Whatever plugin is used on the landing page, it pours them all out in front of you.

Of course, if the site you are requesting is not using WordPress, it won’t hesitate to give the “This site is not a WordPress site” warning.

WP Theme Detector

The WP Theme Detector website has a more detailed interface and the results page is quite successful. WordPress is a good help in finding your site`s theme name.

“Availability” on the right side helps you determine if the theme you are using on your site is available for purchase or download.

In addition, this site can detect add-ons and also tell if found addon are free and give them download link and they won’t bother you.

Scan WP

Scan WP WordPress The Theme Finder does the same job as any other. You can see a large screenshot of the detected theme on the results page. Finding a WordPress theme name can be a good alternative.

Obviously, the developer theme name may have been changed, but if you can catch the hint from the screenshot, it’s up to you what theme is used despite the customization.
WordPress Theme Detector and Plug Detector

This is one of the best plugins to find my favorite WordPress themes There are many plugins but most of them are slow to scan so I uninstalled them immediately and decided to continue with this plugin. Thanks to the plugin WordPress Theme Detector and Plugin Detector chrome, you can find the theme names you like and like in one click. Another feature of a plugin is that it not only finds the name of the theme, but also shows the plugins installed on the site you are browsing.

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