SEO Glossary and SEO Terms

SEO Glossary and SEO Terms

SEO Glossary and SEO Terms

Hi friends, I will share the SEO Glossary and SEO Terms with you. a part of SEO based on the design of a website, the coding structure, the use of elements such as links and images

Off-page SEO: Off-site SEO work External link covers all kinds of promotional activities and Sharing done off-site such as using social media

Google Caffeine: Google makes some frequent adjustments to its algorithms. Sometimes these regulations can be comprehensive. The new algorithmic change resulting from extensive regulation is named by Google. Caffeine is the latest known algorithm from Google. .

Pagerank: It is a scoring format that Google minimizes its effect with the caffeine algorithm. It is the rating organized according to the entries and exits of the sites. The pagerank system, which has no effect in terms of Google’s ranking, has lost importance with recent developments.

Trustrank: it is a second scoring system that is unknown exactly how Google works and reviews. Trustrank, which has an effect direct on SEO, it is a value given for all the work that the sites carry out according to the natural structure. User intervention is limited according to the system Pagerank.

Webmaster: The name given to the owners and administrators of the site. The webmasters, who are also responsible for the SEO work of the sites, have left these studies to people called SEO experts or consultants for day-to-day SEO renewal and development.

Domain: The name assigned to the site address. Each site address consists of 2 different sections. Domain name and domain extension. The domain name has the domain name “SEOhocasi” and the domain name extension “.com”. There is no more than one domain name with the same domain name and extension. You can buy different extensions with the same or the same domain name with different names. each domain is purchased for 1 year and its multiples, therefore domain names can be registered and changed owners as a result of not extending registration periods.

Hosting: These are data centers where text, images or all other files on sites are stored and available 24/7 from all over the world. Domain and hosting are two basic elements that a website must fulfill.

Root Directory: Root directory of content on your site hosting. It is the primary hub for accessing hosting information.

Links: These are links used to direct users online and visit different sites or pages. They are clickable texts.

Link Farm: is the name translated into Turkish as a link field provided to pages hosting hundreds of unrelated links Linking or receiving links to sites with this structure is not approved for SEO.

Inbound links: links from other sites to our site or pages on our site, although it is considered important for SEO, its effective use is more decisive in terms of ranking.

Backlinks: the only difference is that inbound links can be used to link to other pages within the site itself. There are two known systems for checking backlinks. Google and the other is from Yahoo. Google reflects this as a backlink, taking the type of backlink into account. Yahoo lists all the links that take this into account. To find out the number of backlinks targeting Google, one needs to look for the link. To get the number of Yahoo-focused backlinks, you can find out the names of the inlinks by querying in the Yahoo Site Explorer.

Outbound Links: They are considered links outside of the site. They are also pronounced as an external link or a link in Turkish. The quality and similarity of links to other sites is very important for the SEO of the site.

Pay Per Click: is the word used in Internet advertising and refers to the pay per click system. Indicates that payment will be made for each click according to the determined rates.

Search Engine Friendly: This word, which means search engine friendly, refers to the SEO compatibility of the techniques applied, the term that considers multiple link structure can actually be used for the compatibility of all SEO works with the search engine

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