Thousands of Sites Encountered Error in WordPress 5.5 Version!

Thousands of Sites Encountered Error in WordPress 5.5 Version!

Thousands of sites encountered bugs in WordPress version 5.5!

Hello friends, in this article I will explain how I solved the error that affected thousands of sites in WordPress version 5.5. After the new WordPress update, the cause of the error was determined. like Jquery Migtare. The error is due to the removal of Jquery Migrate support in this version. If you have problems like error, critical error, site crash after upgrade, you can read this article I wrote for you and solve your problem.

How to fix a bug in WordPress 5.5 Update

With many WordPress 5.5 update themes and plugins like WPBakery Builder, Elementor, which you use for free or paid, have appeared errors. This is because the Jquery Migrate support in the new version of wp 5.5 has been removed in this version.

Thousands of websites have encountered bugs in the WordPress 5.5 version!

First off, you should know that you are not the only WordPress user on this matter as you and I have encountered the same problem. This situation is related to JQuery issues. All you need to do is install the Jquery Migrate plugin that WordPress publishes for those who have this problem. The fact that 80,000 people installed the plugin after it started shows how big this problem is.

With the arrival of WP 5. 5, I saw that site speeds were 1 second faster in my tests. I personally entered my site address into the speed test tool and compared it before and after. On the other hand, I noticed that all the sites I was managing would crash after the WordPress 5.5 update I realized there was a problem when I realized that I could not add text, images and videos to my websites where I use the plugin (WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor and Visual Composer).

WordPress theme edition error 5.5

The update gives different errors on all sites that download versions of WordPress 5.5. This is because older WordPress themes are not 5-compliant. Let me remind you that there is generally no problem with existing themes, but you should check back.

Error editing theme, WpBakery Page Builder, Elementor, Visual Composer etc. This is the error that the theme editing plugins give when editing the page. Received “Ajax Url error not defined” when editing the page. Or, none of the functions of the plugins drag -deposit are working fine.

As I mentioned above, we can fix this error in few minutes with the plugin “Activate jQuery Migrate Helper”
WordPress Wp Admin White Page Issue

If you get a white screen error in WordPres, it might be due to the add-in you have installed.To solve this problem, we disable plugins in batch one by one by going to the Ftp program and renaming the plug-in file.


First of all, we provide access to our WordPress core files (the folder where wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes folders) with the filezilla program and the file manager in our cpanel .
The next step will be to enter the wp-content file.
Rename e The plugin file after the wp content file will help you to deactivate the plugins.

How to install JQuery Migrate plugin?

After going to the plugins WordPress admin panel> Add New> Enable jQuery Migrate Helper search instead of searching, then install and activate the plugin.

How to cancel WordPress 5.5 version?

  1. Logging into the WordPress administration panel.
  2. Type WP Downgrade in plugins> Add new plug
  3. Install and activate WP Downgrade plugin that will appear.
  4. After activating the plugin, you can go to the settings section and change it to the previous version 5.2 in the “WordPress target version” section.
  5. Then you will save the changes and convert WordPress version 5.5 to 5.
  6. Process completed.
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