What Does WordPress Do?

What Does WordPress Do?

WordPress is very easy to use and has a simple management panel in Turkish. Let’s get to know WordPress better!

WordPress is very easy to use, very simple for everyone and has a Turkish management panel, new pages, blog posts can be published regularly, images and videos can be added very easily and quickly. The admin panel being very simple and straightforward, the time you spend managing your site is drastically reduced.

You can also manage WordPress through your browser and enter content such as articles, images, news and videos of your business using Turkish management panel. Since one of the best benefits is a CMS (Content Management System) developed with php infrastructure, you can enrich your site by installing additional modules. You can create, edit and delete content even if you don’t have no knowledge of the code.

The code behind WordPress is very clean and simple making it easy for search engines to read and index site content, plus each page, post and image can have its own meta tag keyword. ds, description and title and are optimized for specific keywords which provide very high quality search engine optimization. You can use SEO plugins to further improve your search engine optimization work.

No more waiting for your web designer to make simple updates to your site. With WordPress, you can control almost every part of your site and easily make these simple updates yourself.

Since WordPress was originally created as a blog platform, the blogging capabilities are built in and it is very easy to create content that defines yourself or your business.This way, you can make your website more dynamic and interactive.

Would you like to add event calendar, video gallery, social media plugin, whatsapp module, call me module, live support and more to your site? WordPress makes this possible with the most free or very affordable plugins.

As a WordPress site administrator, you can set up multiple users for the website and assign access levels and capabilities to each user.

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