What is a 301 Redirect?

What is a 301 Redirect?

What is a 301 redirect?

In this post I have prepared a detailed guide that will teach you what 301 redirects are and how to do them

What is a 301 redirect?

A 301 redirect is a permanent address change method that offers the possibility of changing from one domain to another. The 301 redirect involves a structurally sensitive transmission. A 301 redirect is used when a website content change is requested. Changing the website content and the link is impractical for SEO. Search engines don’t like them. If the URL structure of the pages that were previously indexed in search engines and linked by other websites changes, a serious loss of visitors will occur on those websites. A 301 redirect is the redirect process to prevent loss of visitors.

Redirecting old URLs to new ones means minimizing SEO damage. This way, your website will be transferred to the new address without losing visitors. If you want to permanently redirect web pages to another address, a 301 redirect occurs. In the case of 301 redirects, the web browser automatically bypasses 301 redirects. The browser redirects users to the new address without any action.

WordPress Password Reset
WordPress Password Reset

The 301 redirect cuts users’ waiting time. When the URL name and structure of a web address changes, 301 redirect With this method, not only visitors to the page but also search engine bots find out that this page has been moved. With 301 redirects, the SEO value of the pages is preserved. Search engines know your old page is invalid, building indexes on new pages.

In which cases should 301 be used?

In special and emergency situations, the content and links of the sites are directed, thus the place and the value of the sites in the search engine are preserved A status code 301 indicates that the content has been permanently moved to another location.Before this redirect, Google Bots understands the situation and performs all operations based on the new domain, so sites are not damaged when changing domains.When the site is moved to a new address, a 301 redirect is made so that the articles, SEO and indexes of the site are not affected by this transition. A 301 redirect is a Google approved method. When you want to merge another website with your own site, you can use the wordpress Redirection code 301.

How to do a WordPress 301 redirect?

  1. Go to your site’s WordPress admin panel.
  2. Log in by clicking https://www.sitemiz.com/wp-admin.
  3. After logging in, go to the “Extensions” menu on the left side of the administrator and click the Add New menu.
  4. Find the plugin called Redirection looking for the section where WordPress has its own plugins. Click the “Download Now” button for the first plug-in.
  5. Installation occurs automatically shortly after the click. The installation is complete, you need to log in to the plugins section and say Activate.
  6. After the redirect, you will see that a new menu has been added as “Address” in the “Tools” menu located in the left menu of the admin panel . You can manage all our settings here.

You should definitely use this plugin when you move your site to a new address, otherwise you will lose traffic and old site links obtained from search results. This means that all your efforts from the past to the present are a waste. By redirecting you will protect your content, traffic and backlinks. If you don’t redirect, your site will be treated as if you just opened google. This will save time for your website development .

When we open the extension page, we will see the screen below. Tables such as directions, groups, modules, registers, 404s, settings, and support will appear at the top of the screen that opens. redirects, we will do it through the first opened tab, i.e. redirects.

In the section where it says Add new redirect we write the URL that is no longer available or we want to redirect it in some way, the other options are the same as in the photo above. In the section that says Destination URL, we write where the above URL will be redirected. Once you click the `Add redirect` button after adding the URLs, a 301.

redirect will be performed. The WordPress redirect plugin is a A very nice plugin for doing 301 redirects and finding 404 errors. If WordPress users need such a plugin, they can install it blindly without any investigation.

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