What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Where Is Digital Marketing Used? What is Digital Marketing? we will review them for you.

As a result of the use of unresponsive methods such as digital marketing, radio, television and newspapers, it is called consumer communication and marketing approach. Digital marketing; It is also known by many names such as e-marketing, online marketing, and web marketing.

There is a lot of change and increase in marketing in the world. With the effect of developing technology, changes in lifestyle can also be seen in shopping and purchasing habits. At this stage, digital marketing comes into play. In line with the needs of people, companies are required to market their products in digital media with digital marketing.

Where Is Digital Marketing Used?

The preferred digital marketing in terms of making developing technology a part of life and facilitating mobile and desktop devices for most audiences;

  • Internet sites,
  • Blog posts,
  • E-book and technical dictionary,
  • Interactive Tools,
  • Social media,
  • It is widely used in online textbooks and brochures.
  • Benefits of Digital Marketing

Most of the offline marketing methods compared to digital marketing; Marketers are enabled to see the right rates and results in real time. For example; While it cannot be measured how many people look at an advertisement in a newspaper and how many people are interested in this advertisement, these rates can be reported with digital marketing.

What is a Digital Marketing Specialist?

It is an undeniable fact that the digital and technology world makes a difference in everyone’s lives. Changing consumer habits, minimizing the loss of time in accessing information and resources, increasing alternative options, healthier technology with individuals, brings the internet to mind. Internet; It is an important link that has an important place in the lives of the users and makes it easier for users to access the data they are looking for. People who manage, report and analyze internet ads are also called digital marketing experts.

Job Description of a Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing Specialist; It determines the target market and target audience for the brand, contributes to brand awareness and creates interactions that will strengthen mass communication, also called a team member who creates a project in its own environment. He knows social media channels as well as a job. He is also proficient in topics such as Google Analytics, SEO, SEM, mobile marketing, banner ads and website updates.

Digital Marketing Specialist; It designs, realizes and presents marketing campaigns to the digital market in order to grow the brand, increase brand awareness and strengthen the brand image. In order to undertake this task in the best way, it is necessary to be someone who renews himself according to the innovations in the digital world and can quickly adapt to new information. Digital marketing expert who will take into account many variables of the business in the digital world; It is a professional life in which he will constantly improve himself and himself.

Including the answer to the question of what a Digital Marketing Expert does; It creates sustainable loyalty strategies by creating its own community in the corporate accounts of the brand, which can establish a long-term dialogue with the user by using social media channels effectively.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Expert?

You can also be a Digital Marketing Expert. Digital marketing experts; follows technology closely and improves itself continuously. You, too, “constantly improve yourself.” If you say that you can become a professional digital marketing expert when you complete the following criteria:


  • Basic marketing knowledge and experience,
  • To master the main issues of digital marketing (Content management, social media management, Seo, Sem)
  • Advanced knowledge of English to follow foreign sources,
  • Mastering MS Office programs,
  • To be able to create a marketing strategy,
  • Measurement update and changing algorithm tracking,
  • To have a good presentation ability,
  • Effective time management and priority planning,
  • To produce solutions, to work result-oriented and to be prone to teamwork.
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