What is Internal Link?

What is Internal Link?

What is internal link?

I wish you all a good weekend! What is the internal link as much as I turned around today? I’ll explain the topic. You have a WordPress-related site and this article says “What is WordPress?” If you provide a link like create an internal link.

You can open these links in the new tab, keeping in mind the editing of the article and the user experience.

if i if the internal links are used correctly , You can move up on Google without buying a backlink service or a backlink package. Heard bad, SEO work can be done without backlinks 🙂 Also it is only possible with internal links as in the example above.

When used correctly, inner cables are very strong. You will be a good side in the eyes of Google. In this process, he lets you rank up on Google with slow but more determined steps.
Things to consider when using internal links

It is important to create logic for the flow between internal and external links. Consequently, you can teach search engines that your own link on the page is more important than the link provided.

For more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:External_links

While external links are important to show that your site is related to other websites, creating a hierarchical order between your site’s own pages and links external links makes a great contribution to the link structure.

Relationship between content

The basic logic behind linking on your site is to direct visitors to other pages and extend the time they stay on the site. However, by doing this, when you create one or more internal links and redirect to unrelated pages or every paragraph, it will not be well received by your site readers.

How and according to what will I give the links?

The most practical way in the matter; will put itself in the user’s shoes. You or your webmaster may have built this site. However, an outside eye will rate your site differently. In this case, I am constantly receiving support from my environment. For example My story: How did I become a WordPress expert? I posted an article to see if you are available. When you ask for something like, “Due to the title of the article, it will definitely click on the link you sent.

Just open google analytics and note your friend’s actions on the page. You can even install Yandex Metrixa and watch live video footage. Don’t worry, I’ll explain other Yandex Metrixa in detail. If I can sum up the topic of linking, don’t link in your head. Always think like a user. Don’t try to make search engines like your website. Always use priority.

Do not give sitelinks to the page you are on!

Finally, there’s one situation that Google doesn’t like. I want to make this warning so that you don’t understand that search engines don’t care much about it. Search engine bots can easily determine which pages are hyperlinked when browsing links.

Pages in your site are indexed by search engine robots browsing the links, it is important to which pages they are created. What is internal linking? If you write an article and have a link to that keyword and the article you are writing. You’ve put your website in a vicious cycle.

If you have read the article so far, carefully analyze the linking processes in the post. It is much easier if you understand the logic. Good blog post for everyone!

Note to the reader: if you cheat Google, you will sadly be a loser.

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