What is SEO? Step-by-Step SEO

What is SEO? Step-by-Step SEO

What is SEO SEO step by step

For a while, everyone in various groups like Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Trello says SEO is for search engines. .People who present themselves as SEO experts or SEO companies. Now I won’t tell you what SEO is if it’s too long.

What is SEO?

I just want to show you this, more specifically I want to add this vision, all search engines like google, bing, yandex can be used by user, so i’m talking about firmware that works to show what you need in the shortest possible time. We call these technical terms spider.
So what are these spiders doing? to see it on search engines like Google.

What is SEO actually?

If I go back to the first thing I said, the search engines want a fast opening site from us. our website? I want you to listen carefully to what I am about to say. What is SEO actually? I’ll quickly explain what SEO should be in a few articles.

The Importance of Site Speed

Suppose you are looking for a dry cleaning store. business, there is nothing more natural than asking Google like me. So what is Google showing us about dry cleaning companies? There may be hundreds of dry cleaning companies in your area. that the top 10 companies are better, they tend to buy services or products from the top companies

This is actually the reason why I say partially right In the course of my work I provide services referral to many companies. One of these companies was a company that imported glass into 20 countries, but if you see their website … Oh my God … total disaster. Skip the first word about the industry on Google, it didn’t even come from company name. even the google map has been suspended. Needless to say, their website is not mobile friendly.

Now put your hand on your conscience and say. If you were Google, would you find this business on the front page?

Importance of the project

I was about to order a Dominos pizza recently as my wife loves it very much and I checked it out. The Aaa site has changed Disgustingly and tired of entering the site is gone A website like Misler has arrived Look if you don’t believe it Men won’t be able to reach the speed at which they created their mobile apps from scratch. , therefore, to say! Now instead of the tension when typing dominoes and ordering I feel guys make a great website

Importance of software

Frequent followers know Part of my job is wordpress so I’m feeding my kid this 🙂 I also have a lot of criticisms and angry stuff about WordPress. But I’ve often heard of that arrogant knuckle goygo who thinks he’s a software developer.
Good brother WordPress hasn’t been hacked. You are the one who was hacked. be attacked. When you leave him the car key and the thief robs you, do you turn around and say “Brother, the environment is very bad”? If WordPress is a very bad site, then let’s make it better, bro. (Failed)

So it doesn’t matter what software you use. The important thing is that the system is dynamic and suitable for SEO trends. E has been doing this in WordPress for years. Hello WordPress developers here!

The importance of the content

The content you prepare in a bad, sloppy, sloppy manner is a disrespect for consumers, potential customers. Google has been saying for years that content should be written by experts in the industry. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on article writers and preparing content full of nonsensical and spammy keywords, I recommend that you take the time to write concise content.

I’ve been working this way for years, advising my clients on SEO, and I’ve been successful. this issue and emphasize that the content actually matters more than the backlink this is my style, of course this is my point of view. everyone should provide SEO services the way they want, I can’t interfere with it 🙂

The Importance of Housing

If you are using a hosting that keeps your site from database connection errors or crashes when it gets some traffic and keeps it for more than 10 seconds when entering, I think not In my opinion, even if you rank first in the target keyword, visitors will not expect to come to a page that opens this late, in this case you will not be able to acquire customers from the internet. what should we do If you have a WordPress site, you can buy WordPress hosting to block your site.

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