What is WordPress for those who never know?

What is WordPress for those who never know?

What is WordPress good for for those who don’t know?

Let’s see if we know WordPress, which is often liked by bloggers and companies. What is WordPress? What did he do? We try to find the right answer to your question.

What is WordPress?

In this article I have to prepare a complete guide to WordPress for those who want to use WordPress and want to know more, what is called WordPress, there are, the advantages.

In short, WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. On average, 1 in 2 websites is organized using the wp architecture. This content management system supports topics related to each website. You can choose WordPress for business sites, blogs and companies. WordPress a is divided into wordpress.com and wordpress.org. There is a real difference between the two sites. While it’s free on both systems, the site you choose to request from wordpress.com will be available at bugrayazar.wordpress.com. Another method is where you can download WordPress files. You can install any domain name you want by downloading the settings.

So the argument is; Because WordPress opens up for free, it advertises itself, allowing you to create a blog by giving you a custom subdomain (your name can be found at the start of wordpress.com). Of course, there are people who are interested, I do not recommend it. The reason is a great platform.

WordPress News

What does WordPress do
What does WordPress do

WordPress launched in 2003 thanks to the efforts of founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. new script based on b2 software .
Friend Mike Mullenweg, Christine Selleck suggested WordPress name.
Over 60 million people use the site to create WordPress.
One in 3 WordPress sites is “are you surprised?

How is WordPress made?

WordPress is a CMS. We can translate within the content management system
Written using PHP and MySQL, the system is free There are many themes and plugins (add-ons) to support all the needs of the wild type theme.it can contribute to the WordPress development body Note: General Public License (GNU or GPL) is a free software license used in many places and registry sites use WordPress. This requires some knowledge and experience.
Now, it’s not just blogs that use WordPress; information, e-commerce, social media, corporate sites and forum sites are possible.
If you use WordPress, you can get many themes and plugins, both for free and for free. Tens of thousands of independent WordPress developers continue to be active around the world. I can say that there is an active producer.
People can open yours without technical knowledge without the need to purchase hosting or domain names.
There are services that WordPress.com can create.

If you are just starting to write a blog, your advice is to choose wordpress.org. Let me briefly explain to those who are wondering why. If you are unfamiliar with the code, you have an unlimited choice of content. You may intervene on your Website whenever you wish.

Thanks to WordPress developers and third-party software, WordPress-related themes can be customized as you wish, with no code knowledge. Currently 10,000 free paid themes for WordPress. Of course, developers have created thousands of enhancements to improve your website. against; SEO, Speed, Subscription, Email Newsletter, Security, Alerts, Word Manager and hundreds of other things are waiting for you to make your job easier.

What is WordPress?

WordPress allows you to create a website quickly and without code. education. Like me if you know how to write a number. After all you have no kings 🙂

It is simple and easy to create a website by installing WordPress for the management system in Turkey. Especially write, add images, add videos, easy audio files for WordPress

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