WordPress Password Reset

WordPress Password Reset

Forgetting the WordPress admin password can happen to anyone using WordPress. I explain what you have to do to change your password in case you forget the password of the administration area and cannot log in.

WordPress Admin Password

Reset WordPress Admin Panel is the profile entry used by the site administrator to edit content and manage pages. It’s kind of a door to your website. However, if you forgot your password, you will need to follow the steps to reset your WordPress admin password to enter this door.You can try two different methods:

Method: Change Password from Your WordPress Profile
Method: I have my password forgot
method: reset password with cPaneli

Even if you don’t forget your password, sometimes you want to, in this case you can also use the WordPress method to reset the password.

1. Change the password in the WordPress admin area

You may want to cha enter your password because you don’t like it, or because you think someone might be compromising it. To prevent password cracking or hacking, you can easily change your password by logging into the admin panel.

After logging into the control panel to reset your WordPress admin password:

Drag the mouse cursor to the part of your profile name in the top right corner! the option to edit the profile below. Click here to edit profile!
The account management section opens at the bottom of the page. Click here for a new password section! Then enter the new password that you want to create in this section. After entering your password, scroll down the page to confirm it and click the update button here.
Congratulations, you now have a new password.

2. Forget WordPress Admin Password

If you are one of those who join the trailer of those who forget their password, you will see an “I forgot my password!” There is a button. This button, which you will be familiar with social media, is also located just below the password and username section of the WordPress admin panel. Under the WordPress admin panel, click on “Forgot your password?” You can easily get your new password from the tab. In order to pass this WordPress admin password reset step you need to know the email address you used to create your WordPress site. new password, just follow the 4 easy steps below:

“Forgot your password?” Press the button
In the window that opens, enter your email address registered on your WordPress site.
Go to your email address and copy the new password that was sent to you and paste it in the password section of the administration panel.
After logging into the system with your username and password, set a password that you will remember with the previous method. your password with this method. Panel.

3.Reset WordPress admin password with cPanel

To reset password with cPanel, you need to enter your cPanel login information first and enter admin section. cPanel and open the PHPmyadmin section from there.
On the page that opens you will see that there are two buttons on the left, from there navigate to the folder where your wp site is installed, press the plus sign (+) to open the menu there.
You can access user information by clicking the wp_users tab in the menu that opens.
You can easily see the edit section on the new page that opens.
Click Edit and scroll down to the “user transition” section of the page. is “e10adc3949ba59abbe56e057f20f883e” .

After resetting the WordPress admin password in dashboard 6.C, the new password will change to 123456.

Log in to your site with your new password

Then you need to change your password, so your site is protected from attacks and not everyone can easily access your password. Enter your username and a new password for the admin panel in this section. This will take you to the admin panel. Create your new password here by going to your profile as described at the beginning of our article. Don’t forget to update it later. From here, you can easily edit and review your email and other contacts and check information.

Despite our tips on how to reset WordPress admin password, you may not be able to change your password. You may not be able to remember your email address or get a new password because of another problem. You can get help from us for all kinds of services like technical problems related to your website, website regulations, building a website from scratch.

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