WordPress Site Migration Guide

WordPress Site Migration Guide

WordPress Site Migration Guide

I have prepared a detailed guide for your needs such as WordPress domain migration, hosting migration, and domain name change You can move your wordpress site to another domain or host by following the WordPress domain hosting site migration guide.

We provide a WordPress site migration service to seamlessly move your WordPress website to another hosting company.

What are the steps in WordPress site migration?

  1. wp content backup taken
  2. Modification Htaccess
  3. Checking the permanent link
  4. general control

    What should be taken into account when moving a site in WordPress?

    from the wp-content folder to your Public_html folder by typing the date you made the backup
    Make a backup before modifying your .htacess file
    Do them during your hosting company’s working hours. , you won’t have hair on your head 🙂
    If you have any potential problem, get help from a WordPress expert you know.

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